2020: In Focus
ViacomCBS Social Impact Review

2020 was a year of rising to the occasion: one in which ViacomCBS had to demonstrate who we are as a company and how we show up around the world.

We faced one of the worst health crises in a generation and confronted a racial reckoning that continues to reverberate across our society. In true ViacomCBS fashion, we responded quickly and strengthened our commitment to social impact – building on our legacy of driving change and using our power as a global content creator for good.

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At our core, ViacomCBS is made up of a team of doers and creatives looking to change the world. And as one of the world’s largest content creators, our commitment to social impact is a top priority.”

Bob Bakish
President & CEO, ViacomCBS

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Our Approach to Social Impact +
We’re passionate about entertaining and informing the world, and we are committed to our legacy of creating lasting impact. Through our work, we build programs that empower, engage and inspire our employees and audiences to make a real difference.
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Collaborating with Our Partners +
We couldn’t bring our social impact strategy to life without our partners and our talent. We are committed to taking a collaborative approach to the issues that matter most, and that includes seeking out opportunities for employees across the company to get involved.
2020 Impact in Numbers +

Campaign Statistics

During the first week of the
#AloneTogether campaign, we created:

Support Statistics

Committed in March 2020 to help support those impacted by COVID-19, including non-staff employees on ViacomCBS productions, as well as through third-party community partners.

Committed through the BET
COVID Relief Fund in
collaboration with United Way.

Commitment by MTV Entertainment Group over the next 3 years to fuel the growth of content led and produced by BIPOC & women-owned & operated production companies.

Committed by BET and its corporate partners to the Content for Change initiative.

On June 1, 2020, we went dark in honor of George Floyd and to pay tribute to other victims of racial violence.


In recognition of the pivotal role storytelling can play in addressing the growing mental health crisis, MTV Entertainment Group led the development of the first-ever Mental Health Media Guide, a groundbreaking, comprehensive resource for content creators designed to help expand positive mental health portrayals. The Media Guide was developed by a coalition of media and entertainment companies and mental health experts and organizations. We will use it to inform our own storytelling and programming across our channels.  


ViacomCBS 2020 Company Contributions
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